How Goal Setting makes You a Better Parent

Set Goals

Set your goals


Hey Fellas! I hope you are doing well in your respective lives.

OK! So, how many of you believe that goals are important for growth in life?

Aren’t they?

Well! According to my viewpoint, goals are important. Setting goals is perhaps, the best thing I have done lately for myself and for my family.

Goal Setting Process? From where does it start?

Folks! It starts with you. Only you.

You must sit in silence, evaluate and ask yourself this, “What do you want from life”?

Either make a journal or pick a paper, write your goals and paste it on your wall, so that you could push yourself every day to achieve it.

Each goal, whether personal or marital, helps make you a more committed person and a compassionate parent.

I would love to share with you what kind of goals I set for myself and how it helped me in becoming a better parent-


  1. Anger Management- I have worked hard on my anger. After all, it is not a good energy or feeling to carry around anger. It can physically make you sick. Not only that, but children too will pick up the vibe you give off.

  1. Do what you love- One of my goals was to get back to my first love- writing and creating! When I am writing and creating, be it a poem, short story or song, I feel good. I feel confident, capable and my self- esteem rises.                                                          Isn’t that what we want our children to feel? Seeing their mom happy and excited for the next milestone, actually benefits our kids specifically daughters; it encourages their creativeness and makes them more expressive.

  2. Give importance to your Health- For many years, I ate whatever I craved for. But it had to stop, for personal as well as for motherly reasons. If you want your children to eat healthily, keep a check on your eating habits first. Be an example, not a traitor!
  3. Accept Rejection or Failure – We teach our children to be humble and grateful for wins, but it is equally important to show them not to give up or stay discouraged when we are met with a setback or rejection or failure.                                                                                                                             Being a parent, if I am capable to cope up with my own fears and doubts, then only I can convince my kids to stay calm, no matter what life throws onto you.


I hope the way this goal-setting strategy has helped me in becoming a better parent, it would help you too. Try a hand with these goals of mine or set your own set of goals and let me know how did it go.

Thank you for reading, this is my first writing with Childcarestar as a Guest Blogger, let me know how did you find the blog? Do leave your valuable feedback in the comment section, till then Happy Positive Parenting to you! Take Care!

By- Denise M. Johnson(Our Esteemed Guest Blogger)

Co-owner and Visionary of Johnson Jr. Family Books

About Denise-

Denise is from Chicago, an author and co-founder (alongside her husband) of Johnson Jr. Family Books. She enjoys writing, listening to music, taking pictures and spending time with her family. Her motto is “if you live life the way everyone else is, who is living your life?”

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  1. Goal setting is so important in every area of life. I had never considered it as a way to be a better parent. Most definitely something to think about.


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