The Magic of Mud


‘A Messy Mortal is my friend. Come walk with me in the mud.”- Hugh Prather

Hey, you all hardworking parents, Kudos to you on the front of parenting.

Now, when you have read the above-mentioned quote by Hugh Prather, how many of you ask your kids to do the same or you are one of those parents who say a strict no to mud-play?

Well! If you are from the latter category, I request you to take a deep breathe and let your child play in the mud, let it get dirty, as “The mud will wash off, but the memories will last a lifetime”(A quote from

Remember your childhood days, didn’t you play in the mud?

My favorite memory is when me and my friends used to make mud- houses.

Now, you might be wondering while the world is concerned about pollution why am I getting defensive about dirt.

Actually, a few days back I got to meet a few kids who were making a mud-farm, and they were excited about the same, they even painted a few leaves to plant in their farm.

Friends, I can’t express how happy they were while doing the same. I managed to click a picture and they posed with cheerful smiles. That was a happy day.

I personally feel that the world is a muddy puddle, and we should keep jumping into it.

And you know what mud-play doesn’t only gives happiness but is good for health.

Read how-

  • According to a report published on August 3, 2016 by New York Times – Scientists may have found an ingredient to prevent asthma in children which is my friend microbes from farm animals, carried into the home of dust. There could be a possibility of developing a spray for the same.
  • A research says that playing in mud improves your child’s immunity. I can personally claim that as once when my nephew fell sick and a pediatrician advised him to let him play in the mud to boast his immunity.
  • Mud is amazing, how it can conjure up such polarizing feelings, how this simple substance can make us feel disgusted and revolted at the same time so joyous, inspired and alive. Amazing! ( Words taken from
  • It makes your kid creative, as I mentioned above about kids who were making a mud-farm, and they were excited about the same, they even painted a few leaves to plant in their farm.
  • Mud-play is a sensory play. It helps in developing early motor-skills in kids.

What else you can ask for, so next time when you witness your little one playing in the mud, please don’t stop them, take a step and join them to help them build their dream- house.

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  1. Thank God, now i can shrug off all those stares which I got for allowing kids to play with mud. Honestly I never stop them from getting dirty with mud or clay, they learn many motor skills and once I bath them they are all clean, but I don’t want to be a spoilt sport when they are enjoying.

    • ha ha ha. I too get those stares dear, but I don’t care anymore. Kudos to you. There are hardly any parents left who let their kids enjoy like you do, glad to hear that. Thank you so much for reading.

  2. You brought back such wonderful memories😊..It was a wonderful article highlighting a very important factor in a child’s life which is now neglected ..Nice read..

    • Not an issue. Playing is important. And the enjoyment you get out of mud- play is a lifetime memory that lasts in our heads forever.

  3. Yes Ujjwal, playing in mud and getting dirty is a part of childhood. I let my kids play in the mud if they want to. They are like free spirits that time and can see the happiness in their eyes

  4. thank u for writing this and reinstating the faith in myself that i am being a good mommy. The over protective nature of parents is actually hampering the immunity of kids and thats why we see so many kids getting sick frequently. We should let them explore the world as is and clean them later on. the fulfilment in the eyes of kids can definitely not be missed. U made a wonderful post on this train and i wish u all the luck.

  5. Playing in mud, getting messy, falling down,getting hurt,etc are fun experiences childhood that make us stronger, healthier and more immune.

  6. I let my kids play on rain, mud and what not. I believe that we should let our kids be. If we complain about our kids hooked into screen then we must do something to encourage them come off screen. Unstructured play out there is best.

  7. I am a big advocate of nature play and mud/puddle play is apart of it. Today we overprotective parents go to a huge extent of sanitizing our kid’s play environment that we forget we grew happily jumping in puddles, chasing frogs and making muddy huts. Let this messy play be part of their beautiful childhood. Glad to read your post. I had shared my views in a post earlier.

  8. Mud and things like that were my favourite toys in childhood. My kids love to get messy and i too indulge in the same with them, reliving my childhood days. I really liked how you explained the science behind letting children as close to nature as we can.

  9. Lovely post. I also believe that we should let the kids be as close to nature as they can. Childhood is to enjoy and we should let them be so that they can explore and learn at their pace.

  10. Agree but I am the first one to stop my children from playing in the mud😅 Sad but not all parents accept that getting dirty in mud improves child’s immunity and evokes imagination. Hope your effort brings a positive change in people’s minds.

  11. Excellent reminder for the moms with OCD for cleanliness- me being one of them! I used to be ‘kapde gande ho jaenge!’ for my first one but now have realised that memories are more important than cleanliness! Kudos for a much needed post!

  12. I allow my kid to play in mud. Me and my hubby are totally towards bringing up kid in a desi way of letting them play out and getting dirty. It definitely improves their immunity and definitely gives impression of life time. you revived memories of my childhood.

  13. I was on completely in my flashback of my childhood days playing in mud , making mud house when Diwali festival knocks, but the sad truth is our kids hardly going to experience this full of fun mud games, time has really changed from then and now pollution ruined the fun and originality of these muddy games.

    • Dear Archana. Pollution is created by us only in the name of luxurious lives. And yes pollution is not always there. Let them enjoy the Magic of Mud. Those days will be back if we ourselves indulge in those mud-plays along with them. Thank you so much for reading.

  14. This is an informative and well researched post. I totally agree with you that playing in the mud and getting dirty was a part of our childhood and our kids should be given this chance too.


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