Say bye to those unwanted Pair of Jeans or more With Cloth Swap

Cloth Swapping

cloth swap


“Anita, there are some old clothes kept in the carton box, take those with you”, I asked my maid.

She refused by saying she doesn’t have space to keep so many clothes at her home.

Does this happen to you as well?

If yes, you are taken care of.

Coming on to that, I would like you to spare an hour or two till Sunday, to have a tour of your wardrobe, and pick out a few items, hmmm! let’s say 10 items that you no longer wear.

I bet! you will have more.

I mean, if I look at myself, I would get plenty.

There are many women like me who are, either married, unmarried or moms, will find a bunch of items in their closet, which they don’t use or are bored of or in case of mothers, they don’t fit in, specifically clothes.

But we keep on buying new stuff, without any decluttering?

Well! Shopping pleases us, especially to ladies.

But, have you ever thought that the demand for new stuff means more demand for energy, water and other resources, and more burden on our Mother Earth?

Why not swap?

It’s Free- Unlike shopping, you can get new clothes and accessories in exchange for your old ones, remember the barter system.

You get to meet new people, which means an open chance to make new friends.

Go green- You get to save our beautiful planet from wastage.

Swapping is fun! Give it a hand!

Here is an invitation of a Cloth Swap Event organized by Neetu Jaglan and Amrita Neelakantan

“Hello! Gorgeous Souls,

We(females only) are going to have our Second Swap meet(Gurgaon) coming Sunday (25 August) at Cross Point Mall(Opposite Galleria market) from 11am-2pm.

Absolutely free of cost. We can exchange/take/share our Jewellery, Garments, Footwear, Cosmetic and what not. If you don’t have anything to share then too you are most invited to pick anything as it’s Dariyadilly

We can make new friends too.

25 August(Sunday)
Address: Edbridge 403, 4th floor. Cross point mall. DLF 1V. Opposite Galleria Market
Timing: 11am-2pm

Click on the link to book your free seat for the event-

or Contact Neetu Jaglan or Amrita Neelakantan for more info.

Till then, Happy Swapping!






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