Ye Mera Ghar Hai- A Toddler’s Emotions


Life can be tough for adults but I never imagined that it could be this tough for a two year old. Yes, two days ago i burst into tears when I could not stop my daughter from entering into our old rented place.

The place is special for her. Of course why wouldn’t it be ? She is born there, grew up to a two year old, is familiar to each wall and brick of that street, and the neighborhood out there loves her and her best friend (as of now, the landlord’s grandson) lives there.
We had to shift from the place on 30th Dec, last year as the owner needed the place for his son’s wedding.
Shifting is a really tiring job , both mentally and physically and being an emotional fool as they call me , I cry every time I have to do this hell of a job.
But this time…
¬†She cried her heart out and kept on shouting , ” Ye Mera Ghar Hai, Ye Mera Ghar Hai”. I tried to console her and said ” Baby, we have got a new house, but the reaction got louder, ” Nhi Yeh Mera Ghar Hai”. I said, “Ok, go inside “.
She went and explored the place thoroughly , sat at the staircase for a few seconds(the staircase was her favorite place to run from mumma), and after saying no to the invitation of staying over of her old friend(the one I mentioned earlier) , she came back to me and , ” Mumma Ghar Chale (Mumma, let’s go home)”.

This is how my baby learnt to build a new home by leaving an old one behind.

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