Stigma of Breastfeeding in Public

Normalize Breastfeeding

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August is being celebrated as the World Breastfeeding awareness month.

But fight against the stigma on Breastfeeding in public is yet to be fought.

So, this time we are not going to talk on the whens and hows of breastfeeding but on its normalization.

There is this campaign running worldwide with the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding and there is a website called which has more than 50,000 followers worldwide and is successfully running the movement.

And while reading a post at Better India (, I found out that Aishwarya Rajan Babu, popularly known as the founder of The Mommy Series, which is an online group having a membership of around 4K from over 40 countries, in order to salute breastfeeding mothers and celebrating Breastfeeding Week, launched a campaign where 9 different photographers across India captured mothers breastfeeding at various public locations and homes.

Read more about the campaign 

Here are a few photographs from the campaign-

Ravina Sodhi/Facebook

Ravina Sodhi/Facebook

This is the beauty of breastfeeding.

While urging society to normalize breastfeeding, I want to urge those mothers who feel ashamed of feeding in public. I know there are eyeballs looking at you but think from the perspective of a mother, Do you want to starve your child?

I guess not.

Yes, we all urge for breastfeeding rooms at public places but as a breastfeeding mother, we will have to step up for our children to normalize breastfeeding.

What we can do is:-

  1. Dress accordingly if we feel ashamed, but please don’t starve your child.
  2. Ask for a seat without any hesitation because your child needs to be nursed.
  3. Ignore those glares, be comfortable, because your comfort will calm your baby and his hunger.
  4. Don’t you know the right position? Go ahead ask for it, from your mother, friend, doctor or google.
  5. Get your partner’s support while traveling or sitting at a public place. Mine one was a great help during my breastfeeding journey. Thank you, my dear husband!
  6. Change yourself first and then ask people to change their mindset. Change starts with you!

Do you know-

  1. India is at no.56 amongst 76 countries surveyed in the early initiation(which means feeding baby within an hour of being born) of breastfeeding.
  2. Only 41.6% of babies are breastfed in early initiation.
  3. Around 99,499 babies die each year of diarrhea or pneumonia which could have been prevented with early initiation of breastfeeding.
  4. Inadequate breastfeeding results in a growing number of deaths in women from cancer and type 2 diabetes and child mortality too rises because of insufficient breastfeeding.
  5. A report by Better India says.

As the statistics show inadequate breastfeeding not only affects the child but the mother. So, folks please encourage early initiation of breastfeeding and feel free to spread awareness in normalizing breastfeeding.

Good luck with your breastfeeding journey! Kudos to all the Mothers out there! You are doing a great job! Happy Breastfeeding to you! Make cuddly memories! Cherish the time! Do help someone in need!


  1. I loved breastfeeding my three children. Some people felt awkward. One person even asked me how I could breastfeed in front of my father. This was a relative too!! That was terribly unsupportive. I was feeding my baby!!

    • Glad to know that. I don’t know how come people comment on anything they can’t feel. More power to you. Thanks for reading. Please spread the word.


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