CBSE Board Exam Stress- Tips to deal with it

Exam Stress

exam stress

In our country (India), class 10th and 12th Board Exams (Exam Date Sheet) are meant to be the stepping stones in a student’s career, as they take them to another level.

And with the exam fever going on, children often feel stressed due to high expectations.

Dear Students, stress is not good for your health.

Growing minds like yours should be free from all kinds of stress.

Just keep these tips handy so that Stress is no way near to you-

  • Stay Calm– All you have to do is to stay calm. Don’t let those expectations run in your head, find a way to relax your nerves, you can listen to music, indulge in some exercise routine, meditate, meet your buddies and or adopt your own funda of peace.

  • Good Sleep– In exam time, good sleep plays a vital role. Always maintain a complete cycle of sleep, always remember, ” a sleepy head can’t focus on anything”.

  • Nutritious Diet– Always take a healthy diet during exam time, if possible keep yourself away from junk food (Harmful effects of Junk Food) especially in this crucial point of time, as it makes you sleepy and lazy, you can always have a post-exam party, right?

  • Talk about it– If you are going through any kind of stress, please share it with your parents, friends or else. If your parents have high expectations from you, please ask them to ease your stress and stop being overhyped.

  • Time-Table with Regular Breaks– Maintain your time-table with regular breaks to concentrate better.

Don’t worry you are going to do your best! Wish you all the luck! May almighty be with you! May your hard work bear fruit! Happy Exam Days!

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