How to teach your child Behave – without Beating them


“She is a stubborn, isn’t she?”

Is this how your neighbors define your child’s behavior, are you frustrated about how your kid behave in public?

Well, we all are sailing in same boat.

And you know what?

At times, we as parents feel so tired with the tantrums of  our children we prefer spanking or beating them instead of dealing with them calmly.

Some parents might feel that this is the only solution.
But this my friend is not true!
As this may lead to long term behavioral issues and disturbed childhood.

Here are 5 ways to effectively make your child behave properly without using any form of physical punishment:

  • Take away privileges- (But only temporarily):

    Although spanking make them behave properly for a shorter time span but taking away their privileges hurts them a bit longer. Restrict them from using the smartphone (usually loaded with their favorite games), watching their favorite shows on television, playing with their favorite toy or a fun activity for a day and explain them why you took away those privileges and tell them that they can gain these back by behaving properly. For instance, tell them “You won’t get your phone for the rest of the day but you can earn it back by listening and doing whatever I say the first time I ask.” Believe me…this works!!

  • Start ignoring mild misbehavior:

    Spanking and scolding all the time, even for small mistakes often make a child all the more stubborn, therefore, you should start ignoring mild misbehavior such as unnecessary complaining or whining which is done to catch your attention. Pretend not to hear or not respond until your child behaves nicely with you again. This will teach your children a lesson that being polite is the only way by which they can win your attention.

  • Use a discipline method to teach and not punish:

    By no means, spanking teaches your children to behave better rather worsen his behavioral patterns. Your children’s temper tantrums should be tackled wisely by teaching them skills on how to problem-solve, how to manage the outburst of emotions and ways to learn to compromise instead of being stubborn. Kids benefit from these skills a lot.

  • Listen to Them :

    Most of the time, we as parents are so engrossed in the daily routines that we miss out on giving quality time to our children. We never listen to them, their problems, their concerns and react instantly even without listening to their part of the story. We should listen to them, look out if their misbehavior has a pattern, like jealousy, irritation, etc. We should talk to them rather than just spanking and beating them unnecessarily.

  • Praise them when they behave properly:

    Providing a reward to your children for behaving properly can subdue their misbehaving patterns. For instance, if your children fight with each other often, set up a reward system to motivate them to get along better with each other. Children stay focused on earning rewards and getting back privileges, rather than emphasizing on bad behavior.

If my tips could help you in any form, please leave your comments in the comment section below, till then Happy Parenting to you!

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About the Blogger-

I am Harjeet Kaur Jolly , a Freelance Blogger, a Digital Marketer, and mother of two boys. I love to observe each and every element of our day to day lives and try to pour the same into my blogs. Since, Parenting is an incredibly challenging and rewarding job, back me up in the journey and stay tuned for some tried and tested parenting tips from my keyboard.





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