I want to be that girl Again- From a Mother’s Dairy


“Of all the rights of Women,

the greatest is to be a Mother.” – Lin Yutang

Yes, I am a mother and I thoroughly enjoy this right.

Also Mother’s Day is approaching but…

The little girl inside me has become more active than a mother.

She wakes up every morning and says, ” Nah! I don’t want to cook for anyone, I want to sleep more.

I want to be that girl again who could sleep for hours without any tension.

I want breakfast in bed. I want to go shopping with no baby in my lap. I want to be a party animal again and want to go on night outs.

I want to be free , free from all sort of responsibilities. I want to live for myself.

I don’t want to clean the mess that my two babies created( husbands too are no less than babies).

I don’t want to run behind my daughter to feed her a spoon of healthy food.

I want to eat in peace.

I want all the home by myself only, so that I could do whatever I wish to.

I want to lie down in my mother’s lap and talk to her for hours and sleep in there.”

And then, Holding coconut oil in her tiny hands a cute little girlĀ  says, ” Mumma, let me do oiling to your hair” .

My baby, My Daughter, My Mishi, she makes sure that girl in me never dies. She only will make me live the life I miss to live.

She is my best friend for life, just like I am to my mom.

She takes care of me just like a mother. She is my girl. I can see the girl I miss, every time in her. I want to be your mother baby always , Happy Daughter’s Day baby as I can’t be a mother without my daughter, so instead of Happy Mother’s Day, it’s Daughter’s Day to me.

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