Odomos Naturals- A Mother’s Review


odomos naturals

“Mumma Machar(mosquito), Machar kat rhe hai mumma( Mosquitoes are biting mumma)”, Mishi said while playing in the garden yesterday.

“Kya hua ise(What happened to her?)”, asked a fellow mom.

“Nothing, these mosquitoes they are irritating her”, I replied.

“Oh, me toh jb b ghar se nikalti hu apni beti k odomos lga kr hi nikalti hu( I always apply odomass to my daughter whenever she goes out”, she said.

“oh, yeah! I was thinking of buying it”, I responded, but frankly, I never liked the smell of odomos.

But when I went to see the mosquito repellent options at the nearest store. I was thrilled to see all the new range of odomos Naturals . I thought of having a Review on Odomas Naturals which might help fellow moms.

Note- It’s my own opinion, not a sponsored review.

I mean I didn’t know that the odomos my mom used to apply on my skin has come up in a new avataar(re-incarnation).

I grabbed an odomos gel kept in the store and read the ingredients used. I in fact clicked pictures, let me show you-



It contains Aloe vera and Citronella which are natural ingredients to keep mosquitoes away and are safe on skin.

Diethylbenzamide the chemical contained is clinically tested and is used worldwide in various mosquito repellents. Odomass is said to be completely safe even for babies and this is the only repellent, that is endorsed by IMA(Indian Medical Association).

  1. What I felt after using Odomass Naturals– I decided to use the gel version of it( it comes in the form of a gel, cream, lotion, and spray).

  2. It feels like aloe vera gel actually and is easy to apply.

  3. Smells nice.

  4. Last but not the least keep the monsters I mean mosquitoes away for around eight hours. Yes, I applied it to myself and my 2-year old daughter at night and we both had a goodnight’s sleep.
  5. Odomos Naturals doesn’t contain any harmful chemical which kills mosquitoes.
  6. Funda behind Odomos is that it masks the odour the human body emits so that mosquitoes can’t detect human presence and they can’t bite you.
  7. So, contrary to the popular belief, Odomos, is the safest protection against mosquitoes so far.

Go ahead, but it here. Stay safe! Try the new range of Odomas Naturals and let me know how did you find it. Thank you!

Read about the launch of Odomos Naturals here.






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