Places to Visit in Dalhousie- Internet Vs. Reality



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Happy Travelling to all of you. This is Mittali. Your guide to Dalhousie today.

I recently got a chance to visit Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India and I thought of doing a reality check on the places to visit there.

1.Khajjiar- The Mini Switzerland of India- Khajjiar, is around 22km from Dalhousie, and is a beautiful place to relax and could be a great picnic spot. It is a small town surrounded by a lake, forest and pastures.

If you are an adventurer, this place has a lot to offer- right from Paragliding to horse riding, trekking, zorbing etc. I did my share of Paragliding, Trust me! The experience is one of kind. I loved it.

Reality Check– The lake which is often mentioned on the internet is a small pond dedicated to Nag Devta(Snake), and is a bit dirty.

But, on the whole it’s a must visit place.

Paragliding Expenses- Rs.2,000 to Rs 2,500.

Tip- Don’t forget to bargain.

Khajjiar- In the eyes of Google


Khajjiar- In the eyes of my Camera

2.Dainkund Peak- Situated at a distance of 10km from Dalhousie, this place is often referred as ‘The Tale of three rivers’, as it offers the mesmerizing view of three rivers- Chenab, Ravi and Beas.

Well, this place is for trekkers, they say the view on the top is breath-taking.

I could not say much on this. Actually! I sprained my ankle while doing paragliding, so didn’t dare to trek that much, but the fellow travelers really liked the view.

  1. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve or the Wildlife Sanctuary– We couldn’t locate a Wildlife Sanctuary in Dalhousie. A localite driver with whom we were taking the round of the city said that there is no sanctuary as such to visit, although the whole city is surrounded by a jungle and there is wildlife but it is not for the visitors.
  2. Gandhi Market/ Mall Road/Indo-Tibetan Market– This one is for the Shopaholics and foodies. On the one side, you will find Indo-Tibetan Market while on the other Gandhi Market.

Apart from regular shopping material, restaurants, Snacks, the place is flooded with wooden souvenir shops. The artists here, make wooden nameplates, keyrings, showpieces, which might add to your house’s beauty. Buying a piece would do no harm to your pocket. I myself bought a few for my family members.

5.Panchpula – The Water-Fall- The place is famous for its small waterfalls and the panchpula, the hanging rope bridge.

Places we missed to Visit

Sach Pass, Subhash Baoli, St. John’s Churuch, Ganji Pahari, Chamera lake.

Best Time to go- If you want enjoy snow fall, you should visit Between December to February.

Adventurers and Parents should visit from March to May.

Points to be Noted-

  • The place will be crowded at the time of Summer Vacations. So, if you are travelling at this time make sure to pre-book your stay online at various available websites and apps like,,,, and yes don’t forget to compare the price.
  • The nearest place to Dalhousie is Pathankot, we took a train to Pathankot and preferred to rest there for a night as we had relatives there and planned our trip for the next day. Again, pre-book your tickets or pre-plan your travel whether you are travelling by air, train or any other measure.
  • If you are travelling with a toddler, kid or infant, make sure to give them proper sleep before travelling, otherwise they could become cranky. Think about the comfort of your tiny babies first, keep their tummies full, keep a check on their hydration, always carry water bottles along with you wherever you go, keep the snack bag full, as they can be hungry anytime and it’s a little hard to get food everywhere on the hills.
  • Keep the first aid box with you and all the basic medicines for your little one, Fever, cough, cold, stomach-ache etc. Be ready.

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  1. What a beautiful place. I love the outdoor activities you can do there. I wish I had the courage to try paragliding. That would be such an exhilarating experience! The Indo-Tibetan market has lots of pretty things to buy as souvenirs too.

    • Paragliding is such an exhilarating experience. It’s not that scary as it looks you know. You should give it a try. I loved doing it. Yes, Indo-Tibetan market has a lot to offer. Let me know if you visit Dalhousie. Thank you so much for your lovely words.


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