Postpartum Care and Diet

Postpartum Care



We often hear the word ‘Postpartum’, What does it mean?

I am talking about Postpartum Pregnancy here.

The period of postpartum starts as your body gets back to the state as pre-pregnancy.

This happens after the birth of your baby and it lasts for a period of around 6 to 8 weeks. It involves moving through emotional and physical changes in first-time moms or you might call it the Baby Blues.

It can happen with men too, read about Postpartum in Men here.
In this crucial period, there is a need for you and your partner to learn how to take care of your newborn and functioning these new changes in the family unit( Trust me, you learn by doing only, stay strong, it will pass soon).
This may include taking adequate rest, a good amount of nutrition and assistance in the initial few weeks.

Good Nutrition-

New to motherhood?

Your body undergoes changes from birth and pregnancy that you must recover. There is a need for a healthy diet, besides adequate rest.

Weight gain during pregnancy builds breastfeeding. However, eat a balanced and healthy diet, after delivery, so that you stay a healthy mom.  You must eat food regularly following a simple meal plan to get the right fat and calories.

Include these categories:
  • Grains. Include rice, wheat, oats, barley, cornmeal or other grain or cereal products. Include brown rice, whole wheat, and oatmeal.
  • Vegetables. Include vegetables in a variety such that it has dark red, green, and orange vegetables, starchy vegetables, and legumes.
  • Dairy. Many foods and milk products are made using milk include dairy products concentrating on low-fat or fat-free products, which are the ones high in calcium.
  • Fruits. Including fresh fruits or fruit juice, 100% is a must. Fruits may be canned, fresh, dried or frozen. It may be eaten whole, pureed, or as cut pieces.
  • Protein. Choose lean meats or low-fat poultry. Lean proteins are the best. Choose more nuts, fish, seeds, beans, and peas.

Oils do not belong to any food group. You may include nut oils as it has essential nutrients. Include physical activity and exercise daily in the dietary plan.

Mothers go for extreme dieting to lose pregnancy weight but remember that you are breastfeeding.

Shedding pregnancy weight may take a few months. To have a healthy baby, breastfeeding is a must and the new mom should drink more fluids and have balanced meals.

You can consult certified lactation consultants or your registered dietitian about breastfeeding and postpartum nutrition.

Adequate Rest

First-time moms may learn new things such that the babies’ time clocks are different from adults. A newborn wakes up once in 3 hours, it needs to be changed, fed, and comforted. As parents, you may be overwhelmed, yet getting adequate sleep is a must, though it is a bit difficult.

Follow these tips:

  • Sleep as your baby sleeps.(It is ok to postpone household chores for a while, you need to have that sleep, go ahead, take a nap.)

  • Keep the baby bed close to yours, so that you feed and catch up with your rest.

  • Walk every day for a few minutes outside and do postpartum exercises, as suggested.

  • Allow someone in the family to take care of your baby, while you sleep peacefully. 


A newborn invites more work. Your partner may be helpful yet taking assistance from someone else helps in making adjustments.

Assistance can be your friends, family, or some paid provider.  This should include baby and new mother care and housekeeping.

Clear all that you expect from them so that there are no hard feelings. Allow the helpers to take care of cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and laundry. Thus, your baby and you as a new mom, enjoy these moments that will never stay the same.

Good luck! You are doing a great job. Take care of yourself.

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