The Lion King – Movie Review in a Parent’s eye view

The Lion King

The Lion King

The Lion King Basic Info- The Lion King is the remake of 1994’s Original animation film by Walt Disney Pictures.

The Lion King

Storyline- The royal kin Lion Simba is born to King Mufasa( The present owner of the crown of the Jungle) and Queen Sarabi. The arrival of the prince is celebrated in the jungle. But the rejoice vanishes soon as the King dies while saving his son( Simba) from a group of hyenas. Now, the little Simba blames himself for the misery and runs away out of guilt. His evil uncle Scar becomes the successor of the throne. Watch the full movie at your nearest cinema to see what happens next?

Critic Rating- Critics rate 3.5 stars out of 5 to the Lion King. The rating might involve its comparison with the previous version.

My Rating- I am no expert but as I haven’t watched the earlier version I would give it a 4 out of 5.

Review in a Parent’s Eye View- Well, I am not going to review it as a critic as I am not a one, but as a customer and also as a parent.

I would call this piece of work a phenomenal beauty. I watched it without the blink of an eye apart from the time when my 2.5-year old daughter questioning me about every aspect of the movie.

Yeah! To my amaze! She watched it with full enthusiasm as it was her first experience of watching a 3-D movie( She watched Jungle Book when she was in my womb).

You might say that she is too young to understand the concept of 3-D but I got my paisa vasool( value for money) when she tried to catch those butterflies and roared with the lion which was not there in reality. I wanted her to enjoy a new experience and she did that. Love you baby!

Kids love animals. Don’t they?

I guess they would love it when they get to touch them if not in reality but a feeling of reality.

So, without much ado, go get your tickets, book the show at bookmyshow or get it from somewhere else or buy in person, just go parents, go, celebrate with The Lion King in your nearest cinemas.

Happy Parenting! And yes, good luck on the questioning front, there will be many 🙂

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