Valentine’s Day as New Parents

valentines day

Love is in air, Happy Valentines’ Day to one and all!

Valentine's Day

Hang up! What about New Parents?

It is true that life takes an upside-down turn, once you become parents and the first year as New Parents can be hard.

You suddenly shift from roses, teddies, gifts to diaper supplies, vaccination charts, medicinal supplies, poop and pee of your baby.

In that case, Valentine’s Day is way far from your head. But, as they say, ” Hope is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness”.


So, here are the five things you can do to relieve the stress-

  • Pamper your partner by giving her some baby-free time, while managing either a babysitter or babysitting all by yourself.
  • Open your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee 5, Airtel Xtreme, Voot, Hotstar or else and give yourself a Movie Treat while your baby is fast asleep Or you can plan a Movie out if your baby is 3 months or older, as at this time you get to understand your baby’s sleep cycle and can breastfeed your baby while enjoying the movie.
  • Book a massage at Urban Company or Yes Madam or else for your partner to lessen the stress while the baby is asleep.
  • You can try writing Love Notes which is my personal favorite, by the way; place some below the pillow, at the mirror, in the tiffin-box or elsewhere.
  • last but not least give your partner the precious gift of sleep, in these crucial days nobody but you can understand the value of sleep.

Good luck fellas! You are doing a great job in the world! If these tips could help you, do leave your feedback in the comment section. Thank you so much! Happy Valentines’ Day! Go, celebrate your kind of Valentine.

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